Dermatology in practice - 2018

70 years on...
Neill Hepburn
pp 31-31
A practical guide to squamous cell carcinoma and other non-melanoma skin cancers
Anusha Panthagani and Sandeep Varma
pp 32-38
Less than a third of young people would be friends with someone with a skin condition, mark or scar
Changing Faces
pp 40-41

pp 42-42
Research outcomes
British Skin Foundation
pp 43-43
Pruritic bullous lesions on the upper limbs
Eimear O’Brennan and Andrew Affleck
pp 46-48
Key management points of hand eczema
Khaled Seetan and Krisztina Scharrer
pp 49-54
Happy Anniversary
Barry Monk
pp 55-0