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Getting results from emollient therapy on atopic eczema

A birth cohort study revealed a prevalence of 5.1% in children in the UK born in 1946, 7.3% in those born in 1958 and 12.2% in the 1970 cohort. In twins in Denmark, the proportion who developed atopic eczema rose significantly from 3% in the 1960–64 cohort to 10% for the 1970–74 cohort. The point prevalence of eczema in Leicester, UK, in 1995 was reported as 14%, with 27% of parents reporting that their children had eczema at some time. A Japanese study reported a prevalence of atopic dermatitis of 15% in 1985, increasing to 24.1% in 1993, but levelling off thereafter.
Dermatology in practice 2004; 12(3): 16–20
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