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Comment: Can't wait to sizzle in the summer sun? ...Think again!

The summer is always a busy time in dermatology clinics – it’s as if people take their clothes off and get a shock at what they see! Consequently, we need to run additional clinics, not only to compensate for holidays, but also to deal with the sudden increase in ‘two week wait’ referrals. Dermoscopy is a great help, however, the images are so unlike the naked eye appearances of lesions, getting up to speed is like learning dermatology all over again. I like to try to understand the reason for appearances – hence histology has always fascinated me. Rakesh Anand’s article on histopathological correlations with dermoscopic structures, helped me interpret what I see through the dermoscope.
Dermatology in practice 2016; 22(3): 59–59
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