According to a new study by Clarins, eight out of ten men are failing to meet the minimum skin protection requirements on a delay basis, putting them at greater risk of sunburn and skin cancer.

The study, which was designed to gain a better understanding of how men care for their skin, also showed that those in the 18-24 years age group are putting themselves at the greatest risk, with 39% using no sun protection at all.

Men in the 45-54 age group had the best record with 85% applying sun creams at least once a week, although this is still far short of the daily recommendation.

The findings also revealed 91% of males have at least one skincare complaint, with dry skin, dark circles under eyes, acne and signs of ageing being the most frequent grievance.

Psychotherapist Sarah Lee believes attention to skin care concerns will increase as we return to 'normal' and face-to-face meet ups resume.
"Skin concerns can have a massive impact on self-esteem, affecting dating, working (especially when using Zoom) and meeting up in daylight. Given the prevalent use of filters on social media, airbrushing in the media, cosmetic procedures and the ability to touch up your appearance on Zoom, it can be hard for people to turn up as themselves in real life fearing judgement from others, embarrassment and accusations of 'catfishing'."