The inaugural Quality in Care (QiC) Dermatology Awards in association with Dermatology in practice were presented on Thursday 9 September.

The awards took place at the Reading office of our sponsor, Sanofi Genzyme, and were presented by Dr Hilary Jones.

The Awards results are as follows:

Dermatology Digital and Technology Solutions for the Treatment of Skin Conditions During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Winner – Supporting Patients with Suspected Skin Cancer During the Pandemic by Luton and Dunstable University Hospital, Bedfordshire Hospitals NHSFT

Commended – Teledermatology to Manage Skin Lesions During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Ipswich and East Suffolk CCG

Finalists – MySkinDoctor – Patient Led Teledermatology by MySkinDoctor in collaboration with Sussex Community Dermatology Service

And Digital Assessments for Specialist Adult Psoriasis and Eczema Outpatient Services by St John’s Institute of Dermatology, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Emotional Support Programme Initiatives for People with Skin Conditions

Winner – Quality Services and Support for Young People with Skin Problems by Oxford University Hospital

Psychodermatology Support Programmes for People with Skin Conditions

Winner – New Tertiary Referral Paediatric Psychodermatology Service for Children/Young People/Families by St John’s Institute of Dermatology, St Thomas’ Hospital

Highly Commended – A Pilot Project to Provide Holistic Care to Psoriasis Patients by Including CVD Assessment and Psychological Support by Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust

Dermatology Education Programmes for People with Skin Conditions and/or their Families and Carers

Winner – St John’s Institute of Dermatology Patient Education Video Resource by Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Highly Commended – Dermatology Support for Healthcare Workers During the COVID-19 Pandemic by Bart’s Health London

Commended – Harrogate Skin Cancer Support Pack by Harrogate & District NHS Foundation Trust – HDFT

Dermatology Education Programmes for Healthcare Professionals

Winner – St John’s DermAcademy: Innovation in Dermatology Education by St John’s Institute of Dermatology, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust

Highly Commended – National Specialist Dermatology Pharmacist Steering Group by Kettering General Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Dermatology Team of the Year

Winner – Lincolnshire Skin Cancer Services Improvement and Innovation Programme by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust

Highly Commended – Holistically Transforming the Management of Delusional Infestation in Our Psychodermatology MDT Service by Bart’s Health London

Award for Outstanding Services in Dermatology

Winner – Sister Heather Kirker

For full results go to: QiC Dermatology 2021 Results - Quality In Care

Dr Marc Moodley, Medical Head, Sanofi Genzyme UK and Ireland said:

We have all been working in very challenging times recently so we are extremely proud to support the first Quality in Care Dermatology awards. The brand-new awards programme provides a great opportunity to recognise, reward and share the inspirational work that has been done across the country and for us to show how much we value those individuals, teams, Trusts and the partnerships who strive to improve the quality of care and support provided to their patients. These awards are an important stage for great practice to be disseminated to a wider audience and act as a trigger for service improvement or inspiration for new projects which lead to overall improvement in patient outcomes. We congratulate all the winners and look forward to these projects being disseminated more widely for the ultimate benefit of people with skin conditions.”

QiC Dermatology recognises the extremely challenging situation with COVID-19 and the additional and immense pressure it is placing on the incredible and dedicated people that deliver care tirelessly in the NHS, HSC and other healthcare settings while under significant strain and extraordinary conditions.

We continue to think it is really important to recognise and reward the inspiring work taking place in the dermatology arena and encourage you to share your innovative practice and we are delighted to recognise, reward and share good practice in dermatology for people with skin conditions and/or their families.

QiC Dermatology would like to take this opportunity to recognise and thank our sponsor Sanofi Genzyme, our supporting organisations, the British Dermatological Nursing Group, the British Skin Foundation, the Primary Care Dermatology Society, the Scottish Dermatological Nursing Society and Psychodermatology UK, the steering group and judges for their contribution and involvement in the programme which is greatly valued and appreciated. The QiC Dermatology programme has been made possible with sponsorship from Sanofi. Sanofi has had no editorial control over any of its contents.

What do our supporters think?

The British Dermatological Nursing Group was established in 1989 as an independent group for nurses interested in dermatology. The aims of the organisation are to:

  • Promote the development of the highest standard of care for the patient receiving dermatological care
  • Promote the development and recognition of the nurse’s role in dermatology, for the benefit of the patient
  • Promote and support education of nurses for their role in dermatology
  • Promote and support research into all aspects of dermatology nursing and dermatological nursing care
  • Provide a source of expertise for nurses facing clinical and managerial challenges in the field of dermatology nursing
  • Provide a forum for the dissemination of developments and knowledge in the field of dermatology nursing.

As a national organisation at the forefront of developing dermatological nursing, we are delighted to support the Quality in Care Awards. It has been inspiring to see how practitioners have risen to challenges in care and demonstrated multiple ways of improving services to patients.”

Rebecca Penzer-Hick, Senior Clinical Lecturer, British Dermatological Nursing Group

"The British Skin Foundation (BSF) is the only UK charity that raises money to fund research into all types of skin diseases, including skin cancer. 60% of British people suffer from a skin condition. We want to help change that by raising money for vital research to find cures and treatments.

The BSF is pleased to support the first Quality in Care Dermatology Awards. It was fantastic to see the innovative projects submitted by healthcare professionals, especially considering the additional challenges of the pandemic. Ultimately, we have a similar goal to those who entered – to improve the lives of people with skin conditions – and it was an honour to be asked to be part of the judging panel."

Lisa Bickerstaffe, Communications Manager, The British Skin Foundation

The PCDS (Primary Care Dermatology Society) was formed in July 1994 by a group of GPs with an enthusiasm for dermatology who recognised the need for such a forum where GPs could exchange views on primary care dermatology, develop skills and progress clinical research in this exciting and developing field of medicine.

The founding GPs were acutely aware that up to 30% of GP consultations have some element of skin in them, but yet most GPs and other Primary Care Health Professionals have limited training opportunities in Dermatology. This workload continues to increase as ongoing changes in funding and the NHS structure move more patient care into the community. Thus, in collaboration with Consultant Dermatologists, GPs will be increasingly involved in the disease management of chronic skin conditions.

The Society has grown in size and influence in the ensuing years and now exceeds 4,000 members and provides a primary and intermediate care voice in all aspects of dermatology.

We are delighted to support QiC Dermatology and were impressed with the number of teams who took the time to send in their applications. We look forward to continuing our support for this initiative.”

Siobhan Wastie, Commercial Director, The Primary Care Dermatology Society

"Psychodermatology UK is delighted to continue to support Quality in Care Dermatology. We believe that the programme celebrates and promotes the sharing of excellent quality care and recognises teams and individuals who have developed ways to overcome challenges in UK dermatology care. We are particularly pleased that the programme recognises quality care in the field of psychodermatology and psychosocial support in dermatology.

Psychodermatology UK aims to raise awareness of the psychosocial impact of skin disease and promotes multidisciplinary collaboration of dermatologists, psychiatrists, psychologists and allied health professionals in managing psychodermatological presentations. The society provides a platform to improve education and resources for clinicians as well as promoting evidence-based practice through its annual meetings, training courses and online resources.”

Dr Richard Jerrom MRCP(Derm) QIC steering group and Psychodermatology UK committee member

“The Scottish Dermatological Nursing Society (SDNS) takes great pleasure in supporting the QiC Dermatology programme which recognises continuing good practice, showcases existing initiatives and highlights and rewards innovative ideas.

The SDNS was formed in 2003 to offer a speciality group for nurses and healthcare professionals with an interest in dermatology. Aims of the SDNS are to:

  • promote the development of the highest standard of care for the patient receiving dermatological care
  • promote the development and recognition of the nurse’s role in dermatology, for the benefit of the patient
  • promote and support education for nurses in dermatology
  • promote and support research into all aspects of dermatology nursing and dermatological patient care
  • provide a source of expertise for nurses facing clinical and managerial challenges in the field of dermatological nursing
  • provide a forum in Scotland for the dissemination of developments and knowledge in the field of dermatological nursing.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020/21 has seen dramatic changes in the way dermatology services are delivered, presenting many challenges in providing the best outcomes for people with dermatological conditions. The QiC awards provide recognition of the continuing hard work, achievement and dedication of all those working within Dermatology.”

Sheila Yosef, Secretary,SDNS

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