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Topical steroid/antibiotic therapy in atopic eczema

This article reviews the current evidence for use of combined topical steroid/antibiotic preparations in atopic eczema management. Atopic eczema is an inflammatory skin disease which is frequently colonised with Staphylococcus aureus, and may become frankly infected with the organism. S aureus is found in over 90% of areas of clinically involved skin and in 30Ð75% of areas of clinically uninvolved skin, with nasal carriage rates in patients being approximately double that of healthy individuals. In contrast S aureus is found in only 5Ð20% of normal subjects, usually restricted to nasal carriage or low density on the skin. The high colonisation rates in atopic eczema are associated with increased S aureus adherence, which may relate to exposure of receptors, such as fibronectin or alterations in skin pH and lipid composition.
Dermatology in practice 2002; 10(5): 28–30
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