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The impact of cosmetics on black skin and hair

The beauty and cosmetics industry is estimated to be worth US$160 billion per year worldwide. This includes US$24 billion for skin care, US$18 billion for make-up, US$38 billion for hair care and US$15 billion for fragrances. Different groups are targeted for sales, including those of African or Afro-Caribbean descent living in the UK. According to the 2001 census, out of a total population of 54,153,898 in the UK, there were 1,148,738 people labelling themselves as ‘black’ or ‘black British’, 43% of whom live in Greater London. Cosmetic products that have been designed primarily for darker skin types, such as Dark & Lovely, Fashion Fair and Sofn’free, are widely used.
Dermatology in practice 2005; 13(1): 6–9
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