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Skin conditions are common in adolescence and can have a considerable psychological and emotional burden. However, young people’s needs are not always best served by clinical services and resources. The Department of Health has identifed the specialised needs of adolescents transitioning from paediatric to adult services as a priority, yet there are few dedicated dermatology clinics in the UK providing appropriate psychosocial support to address emotional needs. Similarly, resources are often lacking for this traditionally hard-to-reach age group and fail to involve and engage them. This Oxford University Hospital project focused on providing emotional support for young people through several innovative outputs. The frst was the local service development of a designated clinic with embedded psychological support. Next, suitable resources were developed with input from young people with skin conditions, including development of the website to share young people’s experiences. Dissemination nationally and internationally ensured that the voices of young people were heard. These low-cost interventions have shown positive impacts with far-reaching consequences for an often-neglected group of young patients with skin conditions.

Dermatology in practice 2021; 27(4): 95–95
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