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COVID domination

I am writing this comment during (what I hope will be) a short period of selfisolation whilst waiting for a COVID-19 test result. I had hoped this would not happen and it has forced me to reflect upon the misery of those who have had to shield or self-isolate for months. Even as someone who is something of an introvert I do enormously value human contact. Although ‘virtual’ consultations and meetings are useful, particularly for ‘routine’ work, the lack of human warmth, body language and actual contact render them a poor substitute – something akin to driving our VW Polo as against my Morgan sports car (other types of car are available).

The COVID-19 pandemic dominates this edition of Dermatology in Practice. There are two articles on remote consulting in dermatology – surely the biggest change in consulting for decades. I particularly enjoyed Zahra Halder’s comments about the peripheral observations we make during remote consultations. I was relieved to find I am not alone in appreciating the background décor, furniture, people, pictures, books, etc. that form the backdrop to many of these meetings. Unfortunately I did comment upon it – as a result we are now directed to use a ‘corporate background’ – how boring is that!

Dermatology in practice 2020; 26(4): 87–87
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