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Community Teledermatology

Dermatology Digital and Technology Solutions for the Treatment of Skin Conditions Community Teledermatology

by ScreenCancerDermoSight


Around 24% of the population attend their GP for a skin complaint in a year, which generates around 1.3 million referrals for England and Wales, including 500,000 higher risk two-week-wait (2WW) cancer cases with low cancer diagnosed conversion (8-12%). Many of these cases can be reassured and discharged, or dealt with in primary care with advice and guidance. Higher priority cases need to be identified and escalated. Teledermatology offers this opportunity, but it also has its limitations. A teledermatology service was in place at a medium-sized clinical commissioning groups (CCG), but ScreenCancerDermoSight recognised its limitations and wanted to improve it.

Dermatology in practice 2023; 29(1): 18–18
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